About Us


Mihail Atanasov
Designer & Support

Bozhidar Vladimirov
Sales & Customer Care

Ivan Krastev
Installations and Operations


PrintGround Company:

After investing more than five years in the printing business we decided to create the perfect PrintGround for your Projects.
We founded PrintGround in 2016 and are determined to turn it into a fast growing professional service, that you can rely and trust, bent on satisfying even the most ambitious needs.
PrintGround has an office in the center of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Equipped with the latest Roland VersaCAMM VS-640i Wide Format Printer/Cutter, we guarantee speed and quality at an affordable price.

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    For us the work done precisely and in time, is a leading factor. We know that our customers rely on us and we always deliver!

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    Every client of ours is our friend. We communicate closely, but rest assured that we are extremely serious regarding your needs.

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    We started this business to make people happy. To create a service which gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves. The real delight for us, is when we see another satisfied customer fascinated by the outcome of our services. We are here to print your dreams!

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    Everything must be perfect. We follow the motto “Do not give up before you reach perfection”.

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    We will always figure out how to make the impossible possible. Going beyond your expectations at all times!