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These honest logos for brands make you laugh and think

A logo is worth a thousand words, and honest logos are worth even more! Viktor Hertz, a freelance Graphic Designer from Sweden, managed to do something that have always though about – he turned well known logos into “Honest Logos”.

Here are 21 designs of honest logos that speak a thousand words:

1. Burger King – certainly not the most balanced meal out there. 

Burger King - Bigger Hips

2. Budweiser – beer, the stuff that makes a real man stand out. 

Budweiser - Bellyexpander

3. Dunkin’ Donuts – also known as the reason your girlfriend finally decided to leave you.

Dunkin' Donuts - Building Body fat

4. Carlsberg – on average beer has about 154 calories per can. And that’s the small one.

Carlsberg - Calories

5. Camel – ever wondered where those lumps came from? Sad…

Camel - Cancer

6. Facebook – and if you were too busy to learn: procrastination means the action of delaying or postponing something. Your real life for example.

Facebook - procrastination

7. Game of Thrones – we both know why you kept watching the show… oh, look a Dragon! 

Game of thrones - Gore and Titties

8. Hollywood – recycle much? It’s a shame you don’t get a green badge for bringing the same old content to the movies.


9. Marlboro – even if you don’t mind cancer and go for the smaller pack, that’s still about $7 a pack on average which cost about 6 cents to produce. So if you wanna spend $2500 a year for dying faster, it’s one of the most efficient ways out there.

Marlboro - Moneywaster

10. McDonalds – most U.S. children can recognize McDonald’s before they can speak. Tragically, one in every three children born this year in the U.S. will develop diabetes in their lifetime. Of course, fast food is not the only cause of the tragic rise of obesity and diabetes in our society. You also have Burger King…

McDonalds - McDiabetes

11. Nintendo – then again… who doesn’t love Super Mario? 

Nintendo - Nothing to do

12. Nokia – and then there was the iPhone.

Nokia - Nokids

13. Playboy – nothing to add here… boobs…

Playboy - payforboobs

14. Porsche – if you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son… I got 99 problems but a … ain’t one… 

Porshe - enhancer

15. Samsung – hey… it’s cheaper and you can download torrents on it!

Samsung - samething

16. Starbucks – need… more… sugar… 

Starbucks - sugar

17. The Olympics – boosting economies and funding doping scandals since… pretty much forever…

The Olympics

18. Windows – remember when you got that new PC?

Windows - work for a while

19. YouTube …

Youtube - catvideos

… just admin it …

cute cat

20. Apple – we’re all suckers for those futuristic macbooks and I still say the iPhone 4 was the most beautiful smartphone ever to be made. 

Written on my Samsung


21. Absolut Vodka – the best way to start and end a party…

absolut - Vomit

You can find more art by Viktor Hertz at the following pages: flickr | twitter

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