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Interior design – Easy ideas to freshen up your home

 The Past of Interior Design

interior design

refresh your interior design using custom canvas printing, custom home wallpapers or even custom printed stickers.

Back in the days there was no such thing as an interior designer. The architect in charge of building the structure was also responsible for putting together the design. But the industrial progress, as well as the idea for more effective and convenient use of the available space, slowly created a need for specialists in the area of interior design.

The interior designer has to be a know-it-all. From the initial planning, awareness of building and health regulations, creating an initial layout, all the way to colors and positioning. A good interior designer has to be ready for the challenge.

At PrintGround we are not trying to turn into an interior designer. We like to simplify this process by helping you with some easy tips that can easily turn your house into a home.

Canvas Prints

canvas print example

Paintings or canvas. Check what is more affordable for your needs.

Canvas prints are an affordable and easy way to bring style into your home. Depending on the general interior design idea you can keep the bare canvas or frame-wrap it, to give it a more retro outlook. Canvas prints are great in reproducing the classical oil and acrylic painting look. This means that you can turn the room into a gallery without having to rob one. Or you can just use your own photos and be the author of your own interior design.


custom printing wallpapers

Home wallpapers are still a trend.

Photo Wallpapers

You have probably seen them around – banks, restaurants, hotel lobbies, corporate buildings. Photo wallpapers are everywhere these days. And for a good reason too! You have practically endless possibilities to experiment and best express your vision of style. Find the photos that you wish to sparkle up your home. Furthermore you can just grab the camera, get out, and create the memories that will stay on your walls for years.


custom print stickers

From the living room to your kids bedroom you can easily bring new life to your walls.

Not so long ago we associated stickers with those nasty little stamps our kids use to stick everywhere around the house, except for the albums they were supposed to go in. But now we have the ability to produce large vinyl stickers and visualize our ideas in a stylish and practical way. Whether it is a contemporary design, an abstract rendition or your favorite slogan – stickers can definitely bring life to any bare wall.

custom posters

Go wild with the posters inside your home. Check the vintage movie posters available online.


We love posters ever since we were little kids. We used to cram our bedrooms with posters of favorite bands, sports players or memorable events. So, naturally, to this day posters are still a preferred element of the modern interior design. Right now there is a growing trend of decorating rooms with vintage posters, photos from the 40’s and 50’s, mildly colored to keep the atmosphere of this era.

We hope that the above will give you some creative ideas. Same as designers you will learn on how to feel cozy in your home without breaking the piggy bank. At PrintGround we will always be happy to hear you out. Most of all we want to provide a helping hand in setting up your dream place.

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