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Large Format Printing – When size does matter!

Large Format Printing

large format printingWhen you are going about advertising your business or getting the word out about your company, often you would want to go big right from the start. After all, the more people with access to your ad – the more potential clients coming your way. This is where large format printing comes into play.

Large format printing is the technology where you need to display an image at over 1.5m width. Most often this is realized through inkjet technology, but there are still wide printers that employ the toner technology. It is very suitable for billboards, vehicles, murals and anything large enough to support the print.

Before even starting with large format printing, there are a few things to consider:

Viewing Distance

Probably the most important aspect of this printing technology is the viewing distance, simply because our eyes are so easily fooled. In simpler terms, depending on how far you will view the print from, the chosen image resolution will be different. The closer it is viewed from – the more dpi (dots per inch) and smaller dots you need to use. Respectively, if the viewing distance is further, you can compensate with smaller dpi and larger dots. Next time you are around a billboard get really close and look at the image again – you can see clear pixels and the sharpness is significantly lower. Our eyes are so fascinating and yet so easily deceived, right?

Printing Process

Large format printing does not differ so much from traditional printing technologies. The printers get a paper stock and subsequently apply ink on it. The large format printingdifference comes more from the tools to achieve your goal. There are printers, called Large (or wide) Format Printers, which are equipped with special nozzles. Such printers can work on a faster rate without losing the quality of colors, even though they apply a CMYK color scheme.

The ink also matters. Most wide format printers use the so-called UV Ink (or Pigment Ink), which is water-based. It makes the colors appear less bright but fade resistant which makes them a perfect choice for outdoor use.

Large Format Printing Products

There is a variety of end products that come with this widely popular technology. This would include:

Posters – an ageless classic. Whether it is for a wall decor, photo print, conference booth decoration or retail graphics – posters will never get old.

Vinyl Banners – you have seen those everywhere – on the streets, exhibitions, trade shows. Perfect for outdoor use.

Canvas – framed or not, the canvas offers an ideal opportunity to reproduce art or give your image a more retro outlook.

Wall Graphics – an indoor solution for a fresh and cool outlook of your walls.

Hope now you know more about large format printing, but if you choose a partner like PrintGround the only thing you’ll need to know is that your project will be in safe hands and realized in no time!

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