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“Elsitek Ltd” shop branding Design, print & application

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What the client do: “Elsitek Ltd” trades in electrical materials, LED’s and conventional lighting, plumbing parts and mixers!

Location: Sofia city

Brief: The clients wanted to re-brand their shop by adding some additional brands to their assortment. The previous brand was pretty old and they wanted to attract some additional attention since the shop is right next to a traffic light where a lot of cars can see their products easily. Additionally, they wanted to keep the sun light inside the shop. So the idea of perforated foil was the perfect solution. Additionally, they wanted a big advertising board-with volumetric letters. As per our standard procedure we have sent detailed offer regarding foils, advertising board, design and application.
Further once we received the advance payment we started work with the design.

The design is always the most important and time consuming stage, since each next step is based on it. This is why with perfectly coordinated communication via email and phone we managed to sort it out with very few changes. The idea was to handle this as soon as possible since the owners had a meeting with very important client and wanted to look great. So the time frame for the project was pretty short. In this particular site we knew that the de-installation of the existing foils as well with the installation of the 80 x 600 cm. board would be the hardest part. This is why we predict a whole working day in order the job to be done.

We feel pretty proud of the fact that we managed to exceed the client’s expectations.We are extremely happy that after our intervention helped to increase the client’s sales.Finding the best solution and dive into client’s needs in something that makes us unique partner.

What the client say about us

“Print Ground” was 100% professional about our project from start to finish. They kept making sure things were running smoothly and on time. The result we achieved at the finale is completely satisfying and consistent with the ideas we had at the beginning. Definitely recommend them and wish them future success! Keep up the good work! ”

Elsitek Ltd